Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Thanksgiving!

It has always always always been one of my favorite holidays! And this Thanksgiving definitely lived up to all the rest!!! Here was our day...

It all started with a Fisher family tradition of going to a movie all together. We saw Tangled! So So cute!!! It was fun going with the whole fam and seeing how much all the adorable neices and nephews loved it. I'm not sure who was acting like the bigger kid during the movie, Tom and I or all the little ones. Tom and I are absolutely obsessed with Disney movies and this one did not disappoint!!! I think Logan even enjoyed the movie. He sure was moving a lot the ENTIRE movie!! He likes a good disney movie just like his parentals. :-)

After the movie I took care of my Thanksgiving dinner contribution and made a craisin salad. MMM MMM MMM!!!! (I am only trusted with cold dishes at this point. I have however graduated from veggie trays to salad. Christmas I get Cheeseball duty. I haven't decided if that is a promotion or demotion.) When I was about done with the salad I got super duper tired so I layed down and cute Tom (without me knowing it) finished the salad!! What a keeper!!!!! LOVE THAT MAN OF MINE!!!!!

Then it was off to my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner! MMMMMMM!!!!!!! For Thanksgiving this year there were only 10 of us. My cousin is on his mission in Germany, and my sister and brother in law live in Arizona. So it was just a small group and it was awesome!!!!! My dad smoked the turkey which if you have never tried you are missing out on life!!! Dinner was amazing!!! And I must say I was SUPER excited to have Thanksgiving dinner while being 6 months pregnant! The stretchy waist band was an amazing edition to my evening!!! hahaha! And i'm pretty sure that I ate more than I ever had before and I didn't feel bad about it! ya pregnant thanksgiving is good thanksgiving!!! haha :-) It was so crazy to think that next Thanksgiving I will have a 9 month old!!!! How fun, I'm so excited!! After dinner we played games, and talked and of course had pie!!!! My uncle always makes PECAN PIE especially for me!!!! I am pretty much obsessed with it!!!!! I don't even have to ask anymore it just is there for me every year. SO SO SO YUMMY!! Then of course all the grandkids had to gather around grandma while she read us "Thanksgiving at the Tappletons." It's a great book and iti just isn't Thanksgiving without it! Then after Grandma read to us she handed out the chocolate advent calendars to all the grandkids. I LOVE MY YEARLY CHOCOLATE ADVENT CALENDAR!!!!!!! I was sady informed by grandma though that this would be my very last year to receive a calendar. That next year Logan will get one and not me. I for sure will be cherishing my last calendar this month of December. This is the end of an era!!!! Sniff Sniff ;-( But lets be honest grandma can give whatever she wants to Logan that doesnt mean he gets it! haha!!!!

So Thanksgiving was awesome this year as always! I love the Holidays!!!!!!! :-)