Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our interesting coming home story

Bringing yoru baby home from the hospital is supposed to be a very special and exciting experience right?? Well then what the heck happened when it was our turn??? Here is our story.......
After 3 wonderful days in the hospital it was finally time to go home! We were so excited to drive home as a new little family and introduce Logan to his home. I had gotten Logan dressed up in his adorable going home outfit while Tom loaded up the car. My nurse told Tom to bring the car to the front and to bring in the carseat. Well as I am sitting in our room waiting for Tom I realized that it was time to feed Logan, I decided that since we live so close to the hospital and we would be leaving so soon that I would just wait til we get home. I needed Tom's help to feed him anyway (long traumatic nursing story, ya I needed assistance.) So then I get a phone call from Tom, and what does he say? He tells me that our car has just broken down as he was pulling it up front and he has no idea what is wrong. It is Tuesday afternoon, there is basically nobody around that could help us. So as I sit up in teh room with a screaming baby Tom continues to try to get ahold of somebody to help us. Oh and by teh way his car is completely in the way at this point which is not helping anything. Tom finally got ahold of my da but he was still in Bountiful so couldn't get to us for a while still, so we got ahold of my brother in law who was here on vacation to meet Logan. So he drove to the hospital to save us. I told Tom and my brother in law Nate that i didn't care what they did with the car situation I just needed to be taken home with Logan!!!! So they gathered the rest of my stuff up and the nurse put me in a wheelchair and we put Logan into his carseat and out we went to the car. As we get to the car my dad calls and tell me that we can't take Logan home in that car because it was covered in dog hair. (they had brought their dogs on this vacation from Arizona) So he told us to wait and he would be there soon to take us home. So completely embarrassed I told the nurse to take me back inside because we had to wait for my dad to take me home. So she wheeled me into the waiting room with all of my stuff (we had a lot of stuff) and with a very hungry screaming baby. So please picture this situation with me, here I sat looking like poop in a chair looking outside where I can see our broken down car surrounded by pillows and blankets and bags etc covering all the chairs in the waiting room, with a very hungry baby in the carseat in front of me. Ya I sure was getting lots of strange looks, and it was taking everything in me to not jsut cry right along with Logan. So while I was sitting there all alone Tom and Nate had a bright idea to try to jump start the car and see if that works. I am watching this whole thing take place outside the window. Tom connected the cables to our car and Nate connects them to his car. I looked away for a second, when I look back there is SMOKE!!!!!!! They had put the cables on wrong and there was a huge puff of smoke going from the car and the cables were completely melted. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Just one more thing to add to the circus act that everybody was watching. At this point my dad finally pulled up and disconnects the cables and runs in to get me and Logan. So i told my dad to PLEASE TAKE ME HOME!!! So we loaded the carseat and all our stuff into his very tall huge truck. Having just had a baby 2 days ago getting into this truck was not a pleasant experience!!! Once I was in teh truck we made the decision that dad would take Logan and I home then come back and help Tom and nate with the cars. Ya you read that right I would be going home from the hospital alone!! We got almost all teh way home when I realized that Tom had the keys to teh apartment so we had to turn around to go and get them! (did I mention I have a hungry child in the car and that I'm in a lot of pain???) So we finally had the keys and so off to home we went. We pulled into the apartment complex and my dad took Logan and the carseat and I grabbed a couple little light things to bring into the apartment. And as we were walking toward my apartment a rolled my ankle and fell face first into a huge mud puddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (remember I just had a baby and so am in lots of pain anyway and walking is almost to much for me, so falling was not a good thing at all and just made my recovery much worse.) So my dad helped me up and i hobbled covered in mud into our apartment. My dad dropped off Logan and unloaded the rest of the truck then left to go help teh guys at teh hospital. So here I am all alone with my baby in our apartment, I am in tons and tons of pain, I am shaky, I am covered in mud, and I have a baby that needs his diaper changed and who is starving and I really had no idea what to do!!!!! So I put Logan down on the floor and ran into the kitchen to clean teh mud off of my hands. Then I did my best to get onto the floor with Logan (not easy 2 days post pardum) and changed his diaper then tried to feed him. (remember when I said i couldn't feed logan alone??? i wasn't kidding!! At this point we were still trying to nurse him, but I needed Tom to hold a syringe connected to a tube above me and put the tube into Logans mouth and squirt some formula into his mouth so he would latch onto me and try to nurse. Not something I can do alone! But did I ever try!!!! I filled that syringe, put on that nipple shield, and I tried so hard to do it, but turns out no matter how hard I wished for 2 extra hands they didn't appear. So in a total panic and not knowing when I would see Tom again I just made a formula bottle for Logan and BAWLED the entire time I fed it to him knowing that I was failing him. I hated feeding him that bottle! But what else could I do? So right as I got him calmed down my sister who was in town called and asked if I wanted anything from the store. I said CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!!!!!! So they bought me a huge chocolate milk and came over and sat with me til Tom finally came home like 2 hours later. It was such an awful experience!!! Looking back on it now I can kinda almost laugh about it, but at the time so awful and definitely not what I was expecting. I always imagined such an amazing coming home experience. It is a good thing that we haven't had a day like that since. Everyday has just gotten better and better since then.


Our little man Logan John Fisher is finally here!!! He arrived March 6th, weighed 7lbs. 15 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. He has lots and lots and lots of gorgeous dark hair, and is just the cutest little guy ever!!! We are SO in love with him! Labor was not as bad as I was expecting it to be. He was 6 days overdue and we were scheduled to be induced the day after he arrived. I am so grateful that he decided to come on his own before the doctors had to make him come. So here is our story.....
I woke up Saturday morning (March 5th) to contractions! I have never been so excited to be in so much pain! I started timing them and they were about 8 minutes apart for a few hours, then they completely stopped! I was SO upset! I cried and cried! I was so ready to be done and did not want to be pregnant for one more minute! Well hours went by and there was nothing, then suddenly around 4:00 pm they picked up again. Well my sister and brother in law were driving in from Arizona for the week and were going to be here in just a couple hours. We were expected to be at my parents house when they arrive so we could see them and celebrate a "second christmas " with them since we hadn't seen eachother since last summer. So while we were getting things ready to go to my parents house we were also finishing packing our hospital bag between contractions because I was pretty sure that we would be going in very soon. We drove to my parents and were with my sis and bro in law for a couple hours while my contractions got stronger and stronger. FInally my mom convinced me it was time to go in so I downed a hamburger and we took off headed to the hospital.
They monitored me for a couple hours, not sure if I was in active labor or not, but since I was overdue they decided to keep me. I couldn't believe it!!!!!!! I was going to leave this place with a baby!!! SO they hooked me up to al the monitors and the IV and there we sat for a couple hours, while I was having horrible contractions! i was only dialated to a 2 and yet my contractions were 2 minutes apart. So it was definitely time to get the epidural. Let's face it, I am a baby and couldn't do this without it! Well I had a complete panic attack about getting the epidural! It was by far the worst part of labor for me. But once it was in it worked wonderfully! Within an hour I was completely dialated!!! And the nurses kept asking if I was for sure a first time mommy! becuase first time mommies don't go that quick! Well as far as I knew I had not ever pushed a little human out before so i guess I was just lucky! We would have been ready to push right then and there except for the fact that Logan had his head a little crooked so he wasnt ready to come out. So a few hours later it was time to push!!! I pushed for 2 hours and Tom was such a good cheerleader the entire time! He fed me ice chips and cheered me on and held my leg for me. He was so so excited, and it was definitely his excitement that kept me going strong. Finally at 9:34 am our little angel boy was born! He was absolutely perfect! Everybody obsessed over his hair! All the nurses called him a show off because he was raising his head and looking around with big open eyes while they were cleaning him off, and was just as healthy and perfect as could be! Holding Logan was definitely the most incredible experience of my entire life! I will chierish it forever! And like I have said in previous posts, I was so excited to watch Tom become a daddy. Well that moment was even more incredible than I could have imagined it being!! It was a very special moment!
As I am writing this Logan is sleeping on my chest just as happy as can be. I am so so happy that he is here! He is definitely worth all the hard work it took to get him here. We love him so so very much!!!
(pictures will come later, I am not in the mood to fight with the computer)