Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My little mover

Holy cow! Logan has been moving like CRAZY lately!!! I cannot believe how strong he already is! I started feeling this little man way early, I believe it was around 10 weeks or so when I first really felt him. Which is cray early! Especially since all doctors and ultrasound techs have said that I shouldnt even be feeling him now because my placenta is forward facing. Well I have news for you doc!!! I feel him ALL THE TIME!!!! Which leaves me to think about how much I would be feeling him if my placenta wasn't in the way! Maybe it's good I have a little bit more cushion between us because he is SO super strong! I finally felt him for myself from the outside for the first time a few nights ago, and it was such a special experience! I felt his sweet little foot right in the palm of my hand! It was amazing! And I will treasure that moment between me and my son forever!
This has been such an exciting time for Tom and I. Tom now can feel his son kicking, which puts a big smile on his face!! I love watching Tom when we are talking about Logan, or he is feeling him kick, or we are seeing him on an ultrasound, or listening to his heartbeat. Tom is just so excited to be a daddy and I am SO excited to watch him turn into a daddy!
This child is definitely a mover, and I am loving every moment of it!!! I am falling more and more in love with my little man every day! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

No longer in YW's

Since pretty much the moment I got married and moved into our ward I have been in the YW program as the 2nd counselor. I totally fell in love with the girls! And really really enjoyed NOT having to go to Relief Society. (Opening exercises was more than enough for me!) Being in YW's gave me a purpose, and I feel like I grew a lot spiritually by being with them. This Sunday I was released from my calling. Which is actually hurting me a lot more than I thought it would! There were some odd circumstances surrounding why they released all of us so abruptly. Lots of drama that should NEVER go on in a ward, or really anywhere else in the world for that matter! It makes me sad to see how people treat others, and judge others. Did nobody listen to the amazing talk given by Pres. Monson this past Womens conference???

So back to Relief Society I go. Well I shouldn't say back I should say now I have to go to Relief Society. I basically have never had to go. So this will be new to me! I just really do not feel like I fit in with Relief Society women. I have never felt comfortable there!!!! Never Ever!!! Not that anyone has ever been mean to me or that I do not like the women, I just feel to young and awkward to be there. I still feel like I myself belong in YW's, I don't believe I am Relief Society material. We shall see how this turns out. I am VERY torn up about being released, and when they decide to put in a new presidency I would definitely like to be put back in. It's the only place in a ward I feel comfortable. But til then it's off to Relief Society I go!....... Oh Boy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My SON the Hedgehog

Yup! He is ALL Boy!

Yes you read right. 'My SON!' We found out yesterday that we are having a little boy!!!!! Both Tom and I are so so excited! We couldn't be happier with the news! To see the look on Tom's face when he found out he was having a boy was absolutely priceless and I wouldn't trade that moment for anything in the whole world! Since the ultrasound Tom has had an extra little twinkle in his eye. He is so so excited! :-)

Now as for my hedgehog son...... As soon as we started the ultrasound we realized that he was NOT going to make this easy on us! He was rolled up into a ball! His ankles were crossed and his feet were resting on his head! There's not exactly a lot to see in this situation besides a ball of baby! And all our ultrasound tech could say is how impressed she was with his acrobatic abilities. Well I wasn't quite as impressed!! I wanted to know what we were having!!! So we poked and shook him trying to unroll the ball, but he was not giving in. (He is definitely my child! It was 9:00 in the morning, i don't move when I'm comfy at 9:00 in the morning either! It doesn't matter how hard somebody tries to wake me!) Luckily with all the shaking of my belly that was now really tender from such a long ultrasound the ball of hedgehog baby rotated just enough that we were looking at his little bottom instead of his head. And it was VERY apparent that HE was a HE!!!!! We were very excited! That's definitely all he was giving away though! The poor tech couldn't get ANY of the measurements that she neededin 3 weeks to , and she cou;dn't see any of the parts that she needed to look at. She had me go to the restroom to hopefully move him around a little bit. So I went, while i was in there I jumped up and down, I shook my belly, I lectured him, I turned in cirles, anything I could think of to make him move from where he was. When we started the ultrasound again he was still in a ball!!! Only differnece now was taht he was standing on his head. (Oh boy child what am I going to do with you!) So we decided that I would just come back in 3 weeks to have another ultrasound. so hello ultrasound number 5!!! Holy cow! I don't think that any healthy pregnancys have EVER had this many ultrasounds! Ya I am definitely being spoiled! So i guess maybe he was rolled up to do mommy a favor so I could see him one more time before he is born.