Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fisher Price Recall.....

Ok so I just heard on the news about the huge Fisher Price Recall and all i can say is....... GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!! Now don't get me wrong I agree with some of the recalls, such as choking hazards on some of the toys. yes those should be recalled.... But honestly even then I think parents just need to not be lazy and watch their children. But yes it obviously isn't good to have small parts on toys that little ones will stick in their mouths.
But as for their bull crap with things like a key on a little fisher price bike that doesn't even come off but does stick out a little bit they say, "Your children could fall onto it and hurt themselves." Like I said before... GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!! If a child falls onto anything there is a possibility they could hurt themselves! If a child falls on the lawn outside their is a good chance they are coming in crying and with a boo-boo. What do we do?? Recall the grass???They say the same thing about their highchairs also that they could fall and hurt themselves on certain parts of them. Unbelievable!!!!!!! Is society really this paranoid????? I don't honestly think so! Because if society were this paranoid then parents would probably just do a better job watching their own children and wouldn't have to worry about stupid things like this. But no, parents don't watch and their child slips and falls (because they are little and thats what they do!) hurts themselves and the parents need somebody to blame! Even if you are watching your child like a hawk they are going to get hurt! Thats just how it works! I am really getting sick and tired of all the recalls on everything!
Yes, of course I want peanut to be safe and want to not worry about the toys, furniture, clothes etc that I expose peanut to. But really it comes down to just being a parent! Tom and I will always try to do our best to monitor what peanut has around him/her. We will try to keep peanut safe. Of course we know that peanut will get hurt every now and then. But when those things happen it isn't because they fell on a toy and it was the toys fault! it is because peanut is little and learning and things happen to kids. It's just part of growing up!
Now I am sure there are many who completely disagree with me and think I will be an awful parent for rolling my eyes to all of these toy recalls. And also to all the crib recalls ( I think most of those are bullcrap to but thats another story.) But to each their own I guess. Now when they say that my childs toys are going to explode I will listen. But til then, I roll my eyes to you silly recalls!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pesto!! :-)

This is my Dear Friend Pesto and this is our Story.....

After our break in incident I was extremely freaked out! I asked Tom for a Blessing of Comfort and I did my fair share of praying on my own. The next day when Tom left for work he noticed that there was a bird standing on the steps right outside our apartment door. We didn't think to much of it. The next day he was still there. He had stayed all night and continued on the next day. I instantly felt that this bird was an answer to my prayers. As silly as that may sound but I feel like this cute bird was sent to us to protect our apartment and to give me peace of mind. I INSTANTLY fell in love with this cute bird! We kept seeing the bird every day and every night for a couple more days, and I decided he definitely needed a name. My hero and protector needed a proper name! So we decided to name him Pesto from Animaniacs. Remember the "Good Feathers" on animaniacs? Well Pesto was the tough purple pigeon so we thought that name was very fitting! :-)

It has now been about 3 weeks since Pesto first arrived. He lives on the stairs by our apt. door and sometimes even right outside our door tucked away in the corner. He sticks around from about 6:00 pm to 2:00 pm every night and day. For those few hours he isn't right by our door he is playing in the canal.

He is such a tame bird! It is unbelievable! After he had stuck around for a few days Tom just wanted to see how close he could get to Pesto before he got freaked out. He reached his hand out fully expecting Pesto to get scared....... he never did! Tom actually touched Pesto and he was totally cool with it! What the???!!!!! Not that we want to touch stray birds, but it was pretty cool! (don't worry I made him wash his hands promptly after.) And if that isn't proof enough that he is the coolest bird EVER my little 4 year old neice went in to pet Pesto and he stayed there even for a loud 4 year old! lol! :-)

Pesto is pretty much part of the family now! We say goodnight to him every night and goodmorning to him every morning! :-) The past few nights we have even put out some popcorn kernels for him and a little cup of water and he is loving it! (and no that is NOT why he is sticking around. He stuck around for 3 weeks before we decided to start giving him a midnight snack.) Every night after we tell Pesto Goodnight I lay on the couch and say, "Tom, do you think Pesto is ok? DO you think he is cold? will he have a goodnight? Is he lonely?" And every night Tom say. " What do you want me to do about it Heather? invite him in? Let him sleep in our bed?" hahahaha! Obviously Pesto holds a very special place in my heart! he is my protector! and as I type this right now Pesto is right outside our door keeping watch! Goodnight Pesto! :-)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Break In!!!

This happened a few weeks ago and I just now realized I never blogged the story! How dare I! haha! So here it is.....
A few short weeks ago Tom left for work at about 10:30 and me being the exhausted pregnant wife I am I was staying in bed for as long as i could until I had to roll out of bed and go to work. or so i thought.... A few minutes after Tom left there was obnoxiously loud knocking at my door and the doorbell kept ringing. At the time I thought that the only person it could possibly be is my dear friend Chase. Even with that knowledge I had no intentions of answering the door! I was tired, had a headache, was in my garments, and had morning hair and breathe. But I thought I would just go to the peep hole and see who it was for sure. ....... it was not Chase!!! There were 2 Black men dressed all in Black knocking at our door. They kind of freaked me out but really at the time I just thought that maybe they just had the wrong apt. THey had a backpack with them so I thought that maybe they were students picking a friend up or something. Because a week prior we had a stranger come to our door while Tom was home and he was asking for a person that we did not know. So I was thinking it was just a simple mistake. but for all the reasons I listed above there was no way I was going to answer the door! So I went back to my bedroom in the very back of our apartment and planned to just wait out the knocking and ringing of the doorbell then go back to bed. After about 5 minutes they Finally stopped knocking! But then I heard a glass from my kitchen fall. (once again i wasn't to oncerned. I figured that by how hard they were knocking on the door that a dirty glass stacked in the sink had just fallen over. Not a big deal right?) Well right after that I started hearing some rustling out in the kitchen. I started to get nervous! But it would not have been the first time my imagination had gotten the better of me and I thought I was hearing things in our apartment. So I hid under my blanket being scared of what I was hearing but kept my eyes out of the blanket and looked toward my bedroom door. All of a sudden I see a Black gloved hand start coming around the corner into my bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER!!!!!!!!!!! That luckily spooked this creep so he took off down the hall. And after the initial scare and I saw him run away I got more pissed off than I have ever been in my entire life!!!!!!! I jumped out of bed! Grabbed my robe! And while putting it on I ran out my front door and around the corner where I saw him standing with a cell phone in his hand! I went balistic!!!!! I started chasing after him yelling things like "I DIDN'T ANSWER THE DOOR BECAUSE I DON;T KNOW WHO THE HECK YOU ARE!!!!!!! YOU BETTER NEVER EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN YOU LOW LIFE!!!! GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!!!!!" etc. ANd I had a few explitives thrown in the mix as well! (now as a side note yes I am aware that chasing after him and cussing him otu was not the smartest thing I have ever done! But in my defense at this point my innocent self was still thinking that they were just looking for somebody and broke in to find her. stupid I know!!! I get smarter later!) So after he got far away from my barefooted and robed self I walked back to my apartment still fuming mad. When I walked into the apartment and looked in the kitchen I saw that our big kitchen window was WIDE open! The blinds were even up all the way! That is when it finally hit me that somebody had really broken into my apartment while I was home alone. I completely broke down!!!!!!!!! Started hyperventilating, shaking, crying etc. I ran back into my room and called Tom! (yes I know calling the police would have been the better option but I NEEDED MY HUSBAND!!!!!!! And I was still kinda thinking that they weren't trying to rob me but they were more innocent than that.) Luckily Tom answered and through many tears, and screams, and panicking I finally got the message through to Tom that something was very very wrong and he drove stright home while I stayed on teh phone with him. I was terrified to be alone at this point. There was no way I was hanging up with him! So when Tom got home he held me while I FREAKED OUT!!!!!!! Then when I could speak again I finally did call the cops. They came right away with 3 cops and 2 detectives stomping through the apartment, and the complex, and taking pictures and looking at the window and the damage to the stuff in my kitchen. The cops also told me that from now on I need to make my presence known just go to the door with it still closed and say who is it??? Then they most likely will make up a name of who they are looking for then leave. So i told him about the guy a week prior to that who kinda did that and they were convinced that we had been targeted since that guy talked to Tom a week before. Thats when it finally sunk in that I was almost robbed!!!!!It was such a traumatizing experience! I was so so shaken up for the rest of the day! I was getting ready to call in to work when they called me telling me that I had a new person to train. What are the odds. So my very frazzled self had to go to work and not only just go to work but train my new employee and try hard to look like a boss. Being home alone is SO hard for me now! It took a while til I could do it. Now I can but I am very jumpy and do not like it at all. And being in my bedroom is very hard as well! That is where I saw the man! HE CAME INTO MY ROOM!!!!!!! I am a wreck in my room which is no fun at all!!! I have cried many tears in my bed being so scared it was going to happen again and what happens when my scream doesnt stop him from coming into my room next time????? Most of the time I am doing pretty good with my anxiety over this because I do not want to be ruled my my anxiety. But sometimes I have an extremely hard time! This experience has really changed me! Luckily I have such a sweet husband that will wake up in teh middle of the night with me to go look around and make sure all is well and hold me til I calm down and can get some sleep.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boy or Girl? That is the question!

I am getting more and more impatient by the day to find out if we are going to have a little girl or a little boy. I am starting to get nervous! Finally the big ultrasound date has been set! We will find out on Oct. 4th, I am SO excited! I made Tom promise me that we could at least go window shopping once we find out what we are having! I have been very good and have stayed away from the stores but that is going to change VERY quickly!
As I am sure the whole world knows by now I desperately want a little girl!!! I want to do her hair and buy adorable pink clothes, and put her in dance and all the other fun that goes along with little girls! But basically EVERYBODY is thinking I WILL be having a boy. What would I do with a boy!!!???? I have no idea! About 95% of ALL the problems I have at work are with my boys! They are ALWAYS in trouble, and I am ALWAYS meeting with their parents, and dealing with huge issues with them. Now of course it is not ALL of my boys. SOme of them are complete sweethearts and I love them to death. And when I look at their parents you can really tell why all my problem children are the way they are! (Their parents are my problem parents as well!) So I guess it really just does depend on the parents. Anyway sorry I am really going off on a tangent now.
I definitely do have my heart set on having a little girl! There is no denying that at all. SO my biggest thing I am worried about right now is how will I react if I find out in a few weeks that I am having a boy? Will I be disappointed? I sure hope not! When it comes right down to it I just want a healthy and happy baby. I just hope that I can be just as happy with a little boy as I think I would be with a little girl. I know in teh end I would be I just hope I don't walk out of our appt feeling disappointed. I want this baby to feel loved and wanted at all times! (Which peanut is loved no matter what!) So anyway the question is will we have a boy or a girl???????????????? I am still thinking pink :-)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


All the things I can do now that I couldn't do for the past 14 weeks! :-)

~Decide on something to eat in less than 2 hours. (Tom is grateful for this one)
~Not only be in my kitchen again, but can actually cook a meal!
~Stand up for longer than 5 minutes at a time (very useful for work!)
~Use the restroom like a normal person! (Sorry TMI hehe)
~Go longer than 15 minutes between potty trips
~Go an entire day without having to take a 2 hour nap
~See my tummy growing! (probably just looks fatter to the world but I can tell a difference)
~Leave the house
~Not be a nervous wreck that something is wrong with my baby
~keep my emotions in check
~Sleep lying down (though I am sure that one wont last for long so I will enjoy it while I can)
~Feel like a human again!!! ;-)

Hooray!!! i like this second trimester thing! I definitely is workinga lot better for me! And I will just enjoy it for as long as it lasts!! 14 weeks down, 26 to go! Hooray!!!!!!!!