Monday, August 2, 2010

10 Weeks! And so blessed to have Tom! :-)

I have made it to 10 weeks! A quarter of the way through! I feel so so blessed to have this little miracle living inside of me! Even though I am almost constantly sick, and constantly searching for the one food I can eat that day that will be ok on my tummy, and even though I am always in search of the nearest restroom, I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life! I cannot say it enough, I feel so so so blessed to have this happen to Tom and I!

Tom has been so incredible throughout this whole experience so far! I don't think he has any clue how much I appreciate him, and how amazing he is as a husband! He has done everythinng in has power to help me be comfortable, and feel the very best I possibly can each and every day. He has learned how to cook a lot more since my stomache wont let me right now. He never complains, he is always looking out for me and the baby, and understands thst I cant do everything I used to be able to do,a nd he is okay with that. He is learning all he can now about pregnancy and babies, you can tell he is trying to be the best daddy he can be. And I know he will be absolutely amazing!!! Just seeing him with his neices and nephews you can tell he will be an amazing daddy! I love watching him hold and take care of his little baby nephew and seeing how much love he has for those little ones. He will be an incredible father, I have no doubt in my mind. And I cannot wait to watch him turn into a father!! He is amazing, and I am so so grateful everyday to have him in my life.

I am so excited that everything in the pregnancy has been going so well so far. And I am hoping that the next 30 weeks go just as well. I have my first official Drs. Appointment next Friday and i am so excited to hear the heartbeat again, and so excited to hear how everything is going!!!! I am so blessed thst I got a "Cheater" Ultrasound at 6 weeks. It has made me feel so much better to know that the baby is healthy so much sooner than most people get to find out. It has made everything so much easier. Bring on the sickness and the fatigue and everything else. it doesn't matter!!!!! I have a loving husband, and a healthy baby growing inside of me. Life is good!!!!!! :-)

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  1. He will be a good daddy! I wish I had, had the energy last night to see what all those crazy girls roped him into, but it was still fun to listen to 4 kids under 5 screaming and playing with their uncle Tom Bear!
    Yay for being 10 weeks!
    PS, I know you'll be a wonderful mommy!!