Thursday, July 1, 2010

WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it's all basically in the title. WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After months and months of heartache, not knowing, and worrying we are finally pregnant and could not be happier!!!!! So far everything is looking really good and we are for sure counting our many many blessings everyday! Since we ran into so many problems to get pregnant they are keeping me at the reproductive care center for a while longer so they can monitor me closely. Which I am so so so grateful for! We have already been in twice and next Thursday we get to have an ultra sound. I will only be a little over 6 weeks pregnant and they say they will already be able to hear a heartbeat. I am SO SO SO SO SO excited!!!!! Now looking back I am so so grateful for everything we went through to get to this point. It has made me appreciate everything so much more, and is getting me the best care possible. I still just cannot believe that I am pregnant! It is so weird to me that there is a little human growing inside of me. What a wonderful feeling it is.
Now for all my dear friends that are still going through the heartache and not knowing my heart goes out to you! We all get our time! I am so grateful that it is my turn! And I know it will be your turn as well someday. Love you all!!!!!!!
So far everything is looking fantastic! Hopefully things will continue to go so well for us and for the precious baby that is growing inside of me. We are so so happy!!!!!!!!! Good things come to those who wait! :-)


  1. I am so excited for you two!! You will be the cutest Mommy ever :)

  2. manda, your turn will come just like heather said. I know it. you will be a fantastic mom as well. I love you both so much and you both have been AMAZING/WONDERFUL examples for me. I love the strength and faith that you both have. I wish had that. congrats tom and heather. I'm so happy for you.


  4. WOOHOO!!!!! I'm so excited! And I am so proud of you guys for not giving up even when you were discouraged! Love you!