Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My SON the Hedgehog

Yup! He is ALL Boy!

Yes you read right. 'My SON!' We found out yesterday that we are having a little boy!!!!! Both Tom and I are so so excited! We couldn't be happier with the news! To see the look on Tom's face when he found out he was having a boy was absolutely priceless and I wouldn't trade that moment for anything in the whole world! Since the ultrasound Tom has had an extra little twinkle in his eye. He is so so excited! :-)

Now as for my hedgehog son...... As soon as we started the ultrasound we realized that he was NOT going to make this easy on us! He was rolled up into a ball! His ankles were crossed and his feet were resting on his head! There's not exactly a lot to see in this situation besides a ball of baby! And all our ultrasound tech could say is how impressed she was with his acrobatic abilities. Well I wasn't quite as impressed!! I wanted to know what we were having!!! So we poked and shook him trying to unroll the ball, but he was not giving in. (He is definitely my child! It was 9:00 in the morning, i don't move when I'm comfy at 9:00 in the morning either! It doesn't matter how hard somebody tries to wake me!) Luckily with all the shaking of my belly that was now really tender from such a long ultrasound the ball of hedgehog baby rotated just enough that we were looking at his little bottom instead of his head. And it was VERY apparent that HE was a HE!!!!! We were very excited! That's definitely all he was giving away though! The poor tech couldn't get ANY of the measurements that she neededin 3 weeks to , and she cou;dn't see any of the parts that she needed to look at. She had me go to the restroom to hopefully move him around a little bit. So I went, while i was in there I jumped up and down, I shook my belly, I lectured him, I turned in cirles, anything I could think of to make him move from where he was. When we started the ultrasound again he was still in a ball!!! Only differnece now was taht he was standing on his head. (Oh boy child what am I going to do with you!) So we decided that I would just come back in 3 weeks to have another ultrasound. so hello ultrasound number 5!!! Holy cow! I don't think that any healthy pregnancys have EVER had this many ultrasounds! Ya I am definitely being spoiled! So i guess maybe he was rolled up to do mommy a favor so I could see him one more time before he is born.


  1. I'm soooo excited for you :) Yay babies!! (ps- totally loved that you "lectured him" lol

  2. Thankyou! We are so excited! haha! i totally did ledture him! And on the way there I told him that he better tell me what he is today or he is grounded!!! Tom just rolled his eyes at me, but I said that he needs to obey his mommy! So he did show me, he was obedient! But thats all he did for me! I didnt realize that I had to say don't be a hedgehog to! But Now I know! haha!