Sunday, October 17, 2010

No longer in YW's

Since pretty much the moment I got married and moved into our ward I have been in the YW program as the 2nd counselor. I totally fell in love with the girls! And really really enjoyed NOT having to go to Relief Society. (Opening exercises was more than enough for me!) Being in YW's gave me a purpose, and I feel like I grew a lot spiritually by being with them. This Sunday I was released from my calling. Which is actually hurting me a lot more than I thought it would! There were some odd circumstances surrounding why they released all of us so abruptly. Lots of drama that should NEVER go on in a ward, or really anywhere else in the world for that matter! It makes me sad to see how people treat others, and judge others. Did nobody listen to the amazing talk given by Pres. Monson this past Womens conference???

So back to Relief Society I go. Well I shouldn't say back I should say now I have to go to Relief Society. I basically have never had to go. So this will be new to me! I just really do not feel like I fit in with Relief Society women. I have never felt comfortable there!!!! Never Ever!!! Not that anyone has ever been mean to me or that I do not like the women, I just feel to young and awkward to be there. I still feel like I myself belong in YW's, I don't believe I am Relief Society material. We shall see how this turns out. I am VERY torn up about being released, and when they decide to put in a new presidency I would definitely like to be put back in. It's the only place in a ward I feel comfortable. But til then it's off to Relief Society I go!....... Oh Boy!

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