Thursday, December 30, 2010

Logan's room

I have been on Christmas Break the past 2 weeks and it has been SO nice to be at home!!! I have done a lot of relaxing and hanging with the hubby. But I also have been working on Logan's room!!! So far it has been completely cleaned out. Before a couple days ago it was our junk/storage room. Well I will let the pictures tell the story..... p.s. Blogger HATES me and never does my pictures correctly and if I keep fighting with it I will end up throwing the laptop across the room so the pictures are in opposite order and the captions are on weird to. SORRY!! I don't have the patients to keep on trying to fix it!

Here is what the room looks like now! Thats all his stuff!!!

Here is what the room looked like before. It was a nightmare!!!!!!

Now all there is left to do is...
-Shampoo the Carpet, wich will happen tomorrow morning
-Get all the baby furniture from my grandmas house which includes a bassinet, a changing table/dresser, a book shelf, and a rocking chair. All those will get here on saturday with my dad's help.
-Set up the crib, also happening on Saturday!
-Then hold off on buying anything til after my showers. Which will be hard. I want to get everything ready right now! But I will try to wait patiently :-)

Things are starting to come together!!! My goal was to get the room reasdy during my Christmas break and it actually is happening! Oh happy day!!!!!

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  1. Your spare bedroom is NOTHING compared to mine lol. I would be embarrassed to let you see it lol