Monday, January 24, 2011


Hiccups have never been something that I have enjoyed. I have always been one of those people that once the hiccups begin they NEVER go away. I have always cursed hiccups!
Fast forward to a very huge and pregnant Heather..... I adore hiccups now!!! No coming out of me of course! No no they still can BITE the big one! No I love baby hiccups in my tummy!! Out of all the adorable sweet moves this little man makes his hiccups have definitely stolen my heart!! There is just something about knowing exactly what he is doing in there that is just so incredible to me! When he is headbutting me, or kicking me I can never quite figure out what is going on in there and how he is positioned to do such a thing to his mommy. But once the hiccups begin I know that my little angel has been practicing his breathing and now has hiccups. I know it sounds silly but I am SO in love with these little hiccups I feel several times a day!
So hiccups, I apologize for all the mean names I have called you over the years. You truly have turned into one of this mommies biggest delights! :-)


  1. I HATE hiccups! When I get them, they last for 15 mins each and keep coming back all day long until the next day. The only cure I've found for them is a heaping spoonfull of peanut butter. Eat it straight, eat it fast, they go away in minutes!