Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fisher Price Recall.....

Ok so I just heard on the news about the huge Fisher Price Recall and all i can say is....... GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!! Now don't get me wrong I agree with some of the recalls, such as choking hazards on some of the toys. yes those should be recalled.... But honestly even then I think parents just need to not be lazy and watch their children. But yes it obviously isn't good to have small parts on toys that little ones will stick in their mouths.
But as for their bull crap with things like a key on a little fisher price bike that doesn't even come off but does stick out a little bit they say, "Your children could fall onto it and hurt themselves." Like I said before... GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!! If a child falls onto anything there is a possibility they could hurt themselves! If a child falls on the lawn outside their is a good chance they are coming in crying and with a boo-boo. What do we do?? Recall the grass???They say the same thing about their highchairs also that they could fall and hurt themselves on certain parts of them. Unbelievable!!!!!!! Is society really this paranoid????? I don't honestly think so! Because if society were this paranoid then parents would probably just do a better job watching their own children and wouldn't have to worry about stupid things like this. But no, parents don't watch and their child slips and falls (because they are little and thats what they do!) hurts themselves and the parents need somebody to blame! Even if you are watching your child like a hawk they are going to get hurt! Thats just how it works! I am really getting sick and tired of all the recalls on everything!
Yes, of course I want peanut to be safe and want to not worry about the toys, furniture, clothes etc that I expose peanut to. But really it comes down to just being a parent! Tom and I will always try to do our best to monitor what peanut has around him/her. We will try to keep peanut safe. Of course we know that peanut will get hurt every now and then. But when those things happen it isn't because they fell on a toy and it was the toys fault! it is because peanut is little and learning and things happen to kids. It's just part of growing up!
Now I am sure there are many who completely disagree with me and think I will be an awful parent for rolling my eyes to all of these toy recalls. And also to all the crib recalls ( I think most of those are bullcrap to but thats another story.) But to each their own I guess. Now when they say that my childs toys are going to explode I will listen. But til then, I roll my eyes to you silly recalls!

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