Monday, September 27, 2010

Pesto!! :-)

This is my Dear Friend Pesto and this is our Story.....

After our break in incident I was extremely freaked out! I asked Tom for a Blessing of Comfort and I did my fair share of praying on my own. The next day when Tom left for work he noticed that there was a bird standing on the steps right outside our apartment door. We didn't think to much of it. The next day he was still there. He had stayed all night and continued on the next day. I instantly felt that this bird was an answer to my prayers. As silly as that may sound but I feel like this cute bird was sent to us to protect our apartment and to give me peace of mind. I INSTANTLY fell in love with this cute bird! We kept seeing the bird every day and every night for a couple more days, and I decided he definitely needed a name. My hero and protector needed a proper name! So we decided to name him Pesto from Animaniacs. Remember the "Good Feathers" on animaniacs? Well Pesto was the tough purple pigeon so we thought that name was very fitting! :-)

It has now been about 3 weeks since Pesto first arrived. He lives on the stairs by our apt. door and sometimes even right outside our door tucked away in the corner. He sticks around from about 6:00 pm to 2:00 pm every night and day. For those few hours he isn't right by our door he is playing in the canal.

He is such a tame bird! It is unbelievable! After he had stuck around for a few days Tom just wanted to see how close he could get to Pesto before he got freaked out. He reached his hand out fully expecting Pesto to get scared....... he never did! Tom actually touched Pesto and he was totally cool with it! What the???!!!!! Not that we want to touch stray birds, but it was pretty cool! (don't worry I made him wash his hands promptly after.) And if that isn't proof enough that he is the coolest bird EVER my little 4 year old neice went in to pet Pesto and he stayed there even for a loud 4 year old! lol! :-)

Pesto is pretty much part of the family now! We say goodnight to him every night and goodmorning to him every morning! :-) The past few nights we have even put out some popcorn kernels for him and a little cup of water and he is loving it! (and no that is NOT why he is sticking around. He stuck around for 3 weeks before we decided to start giving him a midnight snack.) Every night after we tell Pesto Goodnight I lay on the couch and say, "Tom, do you think Pesto is ok? DO you think he is cold? will he have a goodnight? Is he lonely?" And every night Tom say. " What do you want me to do about it Heather? invite him in? Let him sleep in our bed?" hahahaha! Obviously Pesto holds a very special place in my heart! he is my protector! and as I type this right now Pesto is right outside our door keeping watch! Goodnight Pesto! :-)

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  1. I love it! I can't believe he has been there everyday and lets you touch him. That's amazing!! I love that you worry he is lonely lol :) too cute