Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Break In!!!

This happened a few weeks ago and I just now realized I never blogged the story! How dare I! haha! So here it is.....
A few short weeks ago Tom left for work at about 10:30 and me being the exhausted pregnant wife I am I was staying in bed for as long as i could until I had to roll out of bed and go to work. or so i thought.... A few minutes after Tom left there was obnoxiously loud knocking at my door and the doorbell kept ringing. At the time I thought that the only person it could possibly be is my dear friend Chase. Even with that knowledge I had no intentions of answering the door! I was tired, had a headache, was in my garments, and had morning hair and breathe. But I thought I would just go to the peep hole and see who it was for sure. ....... it was not Chase!!! There were 2 Black men dressed all in Black knocking at our door. They kind of freaked me out but really at the time I just thought that maybe they just had the wrong apt. THey had a backpack with them so I thought that maybe they were students picking a friend up or something. Because a week prior we had a stranger come to our door while Tom was home and he was asking for a person that we did not know. So I was thinking it was just a simple mistake. but for all the reasons I listed above there was no way I was going to answer the door! So I went back to my bedroom in the very back of our apartment and planned to just wait out the knocking and ringing of the doorbell then go back to bed. After about 5 minutes they Finally stopped knocking! But then I heard a glass from my kitchen fall. (once again i wasn't to oncerned. I figured that by how hard they were knocking on the door that a dirty glass stacked in the sink had just fallen over. Not a big deal right?) Well right after that I started hearing some rustling out in the kitchen. I started to get nervous! But it would not have been the first time my imagination had gotten the better of me and I thought I was hearing things in our apartment. So I hid under my blanket being scared of what I was hearing but kept my eyes out of the blanket and looked toward my bedroom door. All of a sudden I see a Black gloved hand start coming around the corner into my bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER!!!!!!!!!!! That luckily spooked this creep so he took off down the hall. And after the initial scare and I saw him run away I got more pissed off than I have ever been in my entire life!!!!!!! I jumped out of bed! Grabbed my robe! And while putting it on I ran out my front door and around the corner where I saw him standing with a cell phone in his hand! I went balistic!!!!! I started chasing after him yelling things like "I DIDN'T ANSWER THE DOOR BECAUSE I DON;T KNOW WHO THE HECK YOU ARE!!!!!!! YOU BETTER NEVER EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN YOU LOW LIFE!!!! GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!!!!!" etc. ANd I had a few explitives thrown in the mix as well! (now as a side note yes I am aware that chasing after him and cussing him otu was not the smartest thing I have ever done! But in my defense at this point my innocent self was still thinking that they were just looking for somebody and broke in to find her. stupid I know!!! I get smarter later!) So after he got far away from my barefooted and robed self I walked back to my apartment still fuming mad. When I walked into the apartment and looked in the kitchen I saw that our big kitchen window was WIDE open! The blinds were even up all the way! That is when it finally hit me that somebody had really broken into my apartment while I was home alone. I completely broke down!!!!!!!!! Started hyperventilating, shaking, crying etc. I ran back into my room and called Tom! (yes I know calling the police would have been the better option but I NEEDED MY HUSBAND!!!!!!! And I was still kinda thinking that they weren't trying to rob me but they were more innocent than that.) Luckily Tom answered and through many tears, and screams, and panicking I finally got the message through to Tom that something was very very wrong and he drove stright home while I stayed on teh phone with him. I was terrified to be alone at this point. There was no way I was hanging up with him! So when Tom got home he held me while I FREAKED OUT!!!!!!! Then when I could speak again I finally did call the cops. They came right away with 3 cops and 2 detectives stomping through the apartment, and the complex, and taking pictures and looking at the window and the damage to the stuff in my kitchen. The cops also told me that from now on I need to make my presence known just go to the door with it still closed and say who is it??? Then they most likely will make up a name of who they are looking for then leave. So i told him about the guy a week prior to that who kinda did that and they were convinced that we had been targeted since that guy talked to Tom a week before. Thats when it finally sunk in that I was almost robbed!!!!!It was such a traumatizing experience! I was so so shaken up for the rest of the day! I was getting ready to call in to work when they called me telling me that I had a new person to train. What are the odds. So my very frazzled self had to go to work and not only just go to work but train my new employee and try hard to look like a boss. Being home alone is SO hard for me now! It took a while til I could do it. Now I can but I am very jumpy and do not like it at all. And being in my bedroom is very hard as well! That is where I saw the man! HE CAME INTO MY ROOM!!!!!!! I am a wreck in my room which is no fun at all!!! I have cried many tears in my bed being so scared it was going to happen again and what happens when my scream doesnt stop him from coming into my room next time????? Most of the time I am doing pretty good with my anxiety over this because I do not want to be ruled my my anxiety. But sometimes I have an extremely hard time! This experience has really changed me! Luckily I have such a sweet husband that will wake up in teh middle of the night with me to go look around and make sure all is well and hold me til I calm down and can get some sleep.

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